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Quoit pitching supplies are available from Shappy’s Rubber Quoits. We  offer Quoit boards, beach and league quoits for purchase. This game can be played at the sea shore in the sand where you can compete on the beach or indoors all year long as well as backyard picnics.

The quoit game is uniquely different from pitching Horseshoes. Although Horseshoe pitching evolved from the game of Quoits, and both games are played with similar rules, Quoits requires a completely different mindset and a tactical approach to pitching. Where Horseshoes is mainly a game where players attempt to pitch repeated ringers for points, Quoits is more a game of strategy and placement. Although there is an emphasis on ringers, there is an importance on the placement of your quoit on the board or digging your opponent’s quoits off the board, leaving your quoits or quoit to win the point or points. Defensive play is a very prominent element in quoits.

Our Beach quoits and wooden stakes are very mobile and can make any trip to the shore more fun. Our League Quoits have been a very popular item in the northeast Pennsylvania and New Jersey area for a long time. The game of League Quoits has been a sport that has been steadily growing and expanding to every state in the Union. Our customers use the slate boards, plywood boards or composite boards. We sell ribbion slate boards,  challenge slate boards as well as composite boards and lighted composite boards. We include the rules with the Beach or the League Quoits. This sport is appropriate for all ages, indoors or in the backyard. Compete on the beach and throw yourself some fun.


Beach Quoits with Stakes


Beach Quoits


Beach Stakes


Light Weight Composite Quoit Boards


Light Weight Quoit Boards With Blue Lights, Other colors available (Night Playing) Patent Pending.


Light Weight Quoit Boards With Orange Lights, Other colors available (Night Playing) Patent Pending.